AIDS Institute Mental Health


AIDS Institute Mental Health

AIDS Institute Mental Health Care for Persons with HIV/AIDS

Project Overview
CAI provides Training and Technical Assistance (TA) throughout New York State for the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute Mental Health Care for Persons with HIV/AIDS (PWHA) initiative. All trainings and TA are conducted by CAI, and are focused on enhancing the quality of mental health care and social services delivered to persons with HIV/AIDS. Through this project, CAI provides training and professional development programs to advance practice mental health providers, and offers psychoeducational forums on current issues to consumers and providers

Our programs are designed to:

  • Demonstrate an increase in knowledge related to mental health issues that often impact HIV+ individuals
  • Examine the Issues related to HIV, Substance Use, Mental Health and Trauma
  • Develop strategies to integrate Mental Health into overall wellness and health outcomes
  • Capitalize on new information to strengthen their roles as case managers, counselors, social workers, peer educators etc.

Target Audience
Training and Professional Development for Mental Health Providers
This training series is designed for all individuals who work in some fashion with HIV+ individuals.  This could include case managers, outreach workers, nurses, social workers, peer navigators, case coordinators and substance treatment staff.

These programs focus on helping mental health clinicians develop new skills and enhance the services they provide to clients with HIV/AIDS.

Psychoeducational Forums
The Community Psychoeducation Forum for Providers are for any providers in New York State involved in the healthcare of PWHAs including mental health providers, primary care professionals, substance abuse counselors, and case workers.

The Community Psychoeducation Forum for Consumers are open to anyone in New York State living with HIV.

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