CAI Staff

CAI empowers our staff to meaningfully contribute to our mission. Every staff member is encouraged to assume leadership in the moment, in their relationships with colleagues, funders, clients, suppliers and other organizational partners.

Staff are not only highly skilled and experienced, but are also passionately committed to the work we do and have genuine compassion for populations we serve. At CAI, we view our clients as our partners, often learning as much from them as they do from us.

Our professional project staff have the expertise, experience and insight to plan, implement and evaluate projects, with an overriding commitment to excellence. All project staff are supported by core resource staff who provide expertise in training, curriculum development, research, communications and other disciplines. To learn more about current opportunities available at CAI, click here.

CAI Senior Executive Staff:

Barbara Cicatelli            

Jeanne DeChiaro 

Rusty Chambliss       

Michelle Gerka

John Hatchett  

Tony Jimenez                

Dean LaBate  

Dawn Middleton