Trainings to Strengthen the Multisectoral National Response for the Prevention and Care of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Republic of Cuba


CAI was funded through UNDP in 2002 to conduct three series of trainings in Havana, Cuba to address the “Strengthening of the Multisectoral National Response for Prevention and Care of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Republic of Cuba.”


The first series gave PLWHA peer leaders the opportunity to develop skills to confront the numerous challenges encountered in their daily work. There was an emphasis on the development of human resource management skills, training of peers, self-management, the improvement of communication in team work, and in particular, the opportunity to practice skills for strategic planning, improvement of productivity, and management of resources. Stress management in the work setting and management of one’s own health were also covered during the training.


The second series addressed the importance of antiretroviral treatment adherence. Many of the factors that impact adherence were discussed, as was the impact of side effects on adherence. The training reviewed new techniques to assist providers in their task of providing adequate adherence counseling, including Motivational Interviewing, the Use of Peer Mentors, Strategies for Monitoring Adherence, and the Self Management Model.


The third series emphasized advanced counseling techniques for behavior change based on a Stages of Change model. Participants were given the opportunity to utilize the “Stages of Change counseling skills evaluation scale” with which they could measure their level of skills in counseling for behavior change. As part of stages of change participants were also trained on Counseling and Voluntary Testing.