Early Alert and Rapid Response Adherence Project

CAI was contracted in 2009 by COPRESIDA – Global Fund’s Program to Strengthen the National Response of HIV/AIDS to execute a project to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the Dominican Republic. The aim of the pilot project is to provide training and technical assistance to build capacity of providers of integral care services in five clinics to offer adherence counseling and services; and to improve the adherence of PLWHA to ART through the implementation of an early alert and rapid response system which identifies actions to prevent a lack of adherence. The program also includes a component of integrating peers into the multidisciplinary team of care providers to support clients in adhering to their medications.


In order to adequately design the early alert system developed by CAI, a needs and gaps analysis was conducted in each of the five clinics. After identifying the needs of each clinic, COPRESIDA’s and DIGECITSS’s technical staff were trained in adherence counseling for multidisciplinary teams. CAI has and will continue to provide, technical assistance for the implementation of the Early Alert and Rapid Response System, and the integration of peers into the pilot clinics. CAI will adapt and utilize the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) “Collaborative Learning” strategy for the effective implementation of change at the clinic level. It is projected that the results of this pilot program will provide the National AIDS Program of the Dominican Republic with an adherence intervention model to be implemented at the national level.