Ohio Department of Health RHWP Training Initiative

Project Description

CAI is working in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health, Reproductive Health and Wellness Program (RHWP) to provide capacity building assistance to their 37 RHWP sub-recipients. The focus of our work will be to engage sub-recipients in a process to reflect on and strengthen RHWP healthcare delivery systems to improve access to contraception, including Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) methods. Over a period of six months (January 2018 - June 2018) CAI will facilitate five regional trainings for sub-recipient healthcare teams that include convening a pre-training orientation, and availability of post-training technical assistance. 
RHWP staff are expected to attend as directed by ODH.

The Core components of the capacity building initiative include the following:

Pre Training OrientationPre-Training Orientation: CAI will convene a 90-minute pre-training webinar to be attended by at least one member of each sub-recipient’s healthcare team. The webinar is intended to prepare sub-recipients for the 6-month capacity building experience. To learn more about and register for the orientation click here.


Pre Work AssignmentsPre-Work Assignments: Pre-work assignments are designed to prepare healthcare teams for participation in regional training. Assignments are organized to reflect on strengths and gaps in access to contraceptive services and should be completed and submitted to CAI prior to participation in regional trainings.


E learning Modules 03E-Learning Modules: E-learning modules are available for every member of the healthcare team and include CME/CNE credits, pre-post test assessment, and certificate of completion.  



Regional Cluster TrainingRegional Cluster Training: 5 Regional Cluster Trainings will be provided in March and April of 2018 in Columbus (2 trainings), Cincinnati, Sandusky, and Canton. RHWP staff are expected to attend as directed by ODH. Participating agencies will receive a stipend for their participation.


Technical AssistancePost-Training Technical Assistance: Upon completion of regional training technical assistance will be available for sub-recipient teams and clinical sites to support strengthening systems to improve access to contraceptive services.