Evaluation Specialist, Community-led Initiatives

CAI is seeking a highly motivated professional for the position of Evaluation Specialist, Community-led Initiatives.  The Evaluation Specialist will lead a portfolio of projects and initiatives at CAI that uses peer-led and community-driven approaches to addressing social determinants of health and their effects on disparities in rates of chronic disease and sexual and reproductive health outcomes throughout the U.S., specifically in New York State, Buffalo, NY, the Southern States. The Evaluation Specialist should have experience in applying a culturally responsive and racial equity lens to design and implementation of evaluation activities including participatory research methods and collective impact evaluation approaches. This position reports to CAI’s Director of Research & Evaluation and is a NYC or Buffalo-based position.


  • Provides leadership on framing and implementing evaluation activities using a culturally responsive and racial equity lens, and concepts of Collective Impact and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)
  • Designs and implements evaluation activities for peer-led and community-engaged initiatives, including needs assessments, literature reviews, surveys, logic models, and evaluation reports
  • Applies expertise in community-led and -driven approaches to evaluate CAI’s initiatives in topics related to chronic disease and sexual and reproductive health
  • Works collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, stakeholders, and community members and peers to design, analyze, and share findings and continuously improve
  • Researches and applies state-of-the-art theories, frameworks, and approaches to evaluating community-led and peer engaged strategies
  • Performs data entry and analysis as needed to support research and evaluation activities
  • Summarizes and presents findings in plain language to stakeholders, community members and peers
  • Summarizes, in writing, and presents process and findings in clear technical reports, presentations, and peer reviewed articles
  • Supports development activities to build the portfolio of work at CAI in these
  • Performs other duties as necessary/assigned


  • Master’s or PhD degree in health/social sciences, public health, or comparable field preferred
  • 3 to 5 full years of pertinent full-time work preferred
  • Experience developing evaluation strategies that are culturally responsive and employ a racial equity lens
  • Expertise conducting evaluation or research using community-based and participatory approaches (e.g., Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR), Collective Impact)
  • Experience working and evaluating chronic disease and sexual and reproductive health initiatives
  • Knowledge of field of implementation science
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative data analysis software (Excel, Atlas ti, STATA, SPSS etc.)
  • Strong writing skills, attention to detail and coordinating multiple tasks


CAI offers a competitive salary with excellent benefits and working conditions. In order to apply for this job please click here.

Cicatelli Associates Inc./CAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer