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Project Overview


To ensure that New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute funded agencies have the capacity to integrate trauma informed care into the culture, environment, and delivery of HIV care and support services.


To assure that all programs are trauma aware and recognize the dynamics and impact of trauma in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.
Our vision is that all programs strive to create a trauma sensitive culture by demonstrating an understanding of the relationship between trauma and health outcomes through patient empowerment, program design, and direct care and support.


Provide capacity building and technical assistance to support agencies to:

  • Create a trauma-sensitive environment and approach supporting evidence-based care that is compassionate, comprehensive and skill-based
  • Integrate trauma informed services into current practices, including trauma screenings and education for all patients
  • Identify appropriate referrals for patients with trauma-related challenges
  • Increase staff’s trauma knowledge and skills through tailored trainings to provide psychoeducational services that help patients achieve positive health outcomes

Take 5 Webinar Series

In response to COVID-19 we have designed a series of brief webinars to support participating agencies during these trying times and provide an opportunity to review and practice trauma informed care skills learned during the trainings. The live sessions of the Take 5 webinars happen every Wednesday at noon. If you are interested in learning more about the Take 5 webinars, please contact: Emily Rebella, Project Director at erebella@caiglobal.org.

4/22/20 - Taking a Look in Your Toolbox

4/29/20 - De-Escalation Strategies

5/6/20 - Using Helpful Self Talk

05/13/20 - Building Skills to Lead Grounding Exercises

05/20/20 - How to Talk to Clients About Substance Use

06/03/20 - How to Talk to Clients About Social Isolation

06/15/20 - Providing Patient-Centered Care in a Remote Environment

06/17/20 - Dealing with Universal Grief Supporting Our Patients during COVID-19

06/24/20 - Working with Trauma During Complex Times – What You Can Do About It

09/09/20 - Safer Sex & COVID 19

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