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REACH Buffalo for Breastfeeding

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Click Here to Join the Breastfeeding Support Group

A breastfeeding support group for African American women in Buffalo, New York

Our Breastfeeding Partners:

calming nature doula Durham baby cafe

Calming Nature Doula Services

Durham's Maternal Stress-Free Zone


Tip sheet for Breastfeeding Mothers
View/download the tip sheet.

Breastfeeding mothers tipsheet

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Online learning and lactaction courses

Black breastfeeding events and resources

Black Breastfeeding Week

Online Breastfeeding classes and services

What you need to know about breastfeeding video:

Western New York Resources:

Buffalo, NY

Lancaster, NY

Nurse-family program for the first 2 years of childbirth. (Erie and Niagara County)

Maternal Mental Health Sheet:

maternal mental health