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Project Overview

Project Title

CAI for State Opioid Response - Technical Assistance (SOR-TA): Health Privacy Laws and Protected Health Information

The Opportunity

Fear, shame, and stigma are some of the biggest obstacles to clients initiating and maintaining treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs). Privacy protections help overcome these obstacles to care. 

Federal health privacy laws (including 42 CFR Part 2, HIPAA, and FERPA) are meant to set a minimum standard to protect the confidentiality of client treatment information.

This project aims to bring much-needed training regarding Protected Health Information (PHI), to a limited number of states nationwide, that seeks to address common questions around the health privacy laws and their application in practice.

Training Provided

These trainings, focusing on health privacy laws and their application, will be made available to a limited number of states who desire, or who have identified, a need for state-based trainings for their networks of providers.

CAI will work with 5 states upon request, up to September 2021, to create specifically tailored trainings to guide understanding and application of the health privacy laws for your target audiences.

Trainings can be provided virtually for up to 90 minutes, and will include case studies and other interactive features.

Sound and simple interpretation of health privacy laws and regulations helps care providers do their jobs with confidence!

In order to be considered for a training, please email Scott Wells.