Tobacco Free Coalition of Erie Niagara Counties

Tobacco Marketing

Big Tobacco in Our Communities

Studies have found that kids are twice as sensitive to tobacco marketing compared to adults, and one third of underage experimentation is attributable to tobacco marketing. In NYS, the average age of a new smoker is 13.

Through youth action and community engagement, we focus our efforts on restricting the tobacco industry’s influence and ability to addict the next generation of smokers.

Our Goals:

- Prevent youth initiation
- Reduce adult use
- Improve community health outcomes 

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Tobacco companies spend more than half a million dollars every day in New York State to grow that number, but by exposing the tobacco industry’s current marketing strategies, we can stop them in their tracks.

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To successfully recruit new young smokers and keep as many current smokers as possible, the tobacco industry makes their deadly products sweet, cheap and easy to get by offering affordable, accessible, and attractive products. Flavors make it easier to start, and harder to quit, leaving youth vulnerable to Big Tobacco’s targeted efforts to make them replacement smokers.