HRSA Client - level data reporting

Key Strategies & Activities

CAI developed the readiness assessment process and tools, in cooperation with HAB, leveraging the expertise of CAI staff familiar with Part D grantee organizations, providers, and clients, and knowledgeable in the areas of data management and utilization, quality improvement, and organizational change.

The resulting assessment process consisted of a baseline, follow-up, and on-site or telephone assessment as needed, culminating in a report for each grantee summarizing steps taken to prepare for the RSR, planned actions to continue preparation, and unmet technical assistance needs for referral to HAB. As part of the baseline and follow-up assessments, grantees responded to a readiness rating scale, providing a quantitative measure of readiness in four organizational domains: Infrastructure (Technology and Resources); Systems (Policies and Procedures); Staffing (Knowledge and Skills); and Culture (Leadership and Management). The project team used this information to identify grantee strengths and areas for improvement, as well as to compare each grantee’s individual performance to the performance of Part D grantees overall.

In addition to providing individual grantee summary reports, CAI’s project evaluation reports included descriptive summaries of grantee organizational characteristics, data systems, client level data readiness, and technical assistance needs across Part D grantees. The evaluation also assessed correlations between reporting outcomes (i.e. complete and timely data submission) and specific readiness indicators, to determine which were most predictive of successful RSR submission.