Clinical and Behavioral Health

The Clinical and Behavioral Health Department offers accredited trainings for clinicians including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified nurse midwives, mental health providers, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinical professionals. Trainings are designed to help clinicians maintain their competence and incorporate new knowledge to improve patient care. Training programs are strategically designed to use combinations of different learning activities, including case conferences, clinical consultations, didactic sessions, skills-building activities, and web-based training, to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

In addition, CAI provides expert training and technical assistance to chemical dependency and mental health providers, and to health care and social service agencies that address substance use and mental illness. We assist providers in serving clients with multiple needs, ranging from trainings on how to use client assessments to successfully applying empirically validated treatment interventions as an integrated part of treatment and care. CAI works with experts in the field to provide practical, skills-based training in such areas as interpersonal psychotherapy, trauma, and motivational interviewing.