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Goals and Initiatives

The overall goal of CAPC project is to reduce poor birth outcomes, including perinatal HIV transmission, through the implementation of a more comprehensive model of health care designed to increase access and continued use of prenatal care by high-risk pregnant women. Objectives of the program include:

  • Locating pregnant women at high risk for HIV who are getting late or no prenatal care
  • Reaching out to women using specialized and innovative methods
  • Helping each woman obtain the services she identifies as important
  • Helping women stay in prenatal care
  • Improving the user-friendly atmosphere and services of prenatal care sites and substance use treatment facilities

To meet the overall goal of the CAPC program, CAI provides programs for enhanced outreach workers, health and human services providers, and substance use treatment providers. Outreach worker programs are designed to enhance knowledge and skills in order to engage and navigate CAPC women into services. The clinical programs cover a wide range of medical, substance use, mental health, and psychosocial topics that are designed to increase providers' abilities to work with CAPC women and improve the quality of services.

Substance Use Provider Network

For the past five years, the CAPC Project has convened a work group of substance use treatment providers in the New York City area, with the purpose of addressing problem-solving barriers to treatment for pregnant women. As part of the meeting, CAI offers trainings for the network providers.