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Past Trainings

January 28, 2011
Location: CAI, New York

This one-day training built upon the knowledge that the CAPC outreach workers and supervisors received in the introductory program on trauma. Participants raised their awareness of the impact of trauma on women in CAPC and developed specialized skills in building trust and engaging the most vulnerable populations. In addition, participants received an overview of behaviors and common responses to trauma, skill development in "creating a safe container," with particular attention paid to worker self-care.

Audience: Outreach workers and supervisors who completed the Enhanced Outreach Worker Training (CAPC CORE and/or Developing New Skills: Enhanced Outreach Training) and the Basic Trauma Training


Working with Immigrant Women

September 17, 2010
Location: Sister Link-Manhattan, New York

Immigrant populations in New York State may be some of the most vulnerable groups. They also face numerous barriers to accessing services and support. This one-day training focused on the unique needs of immigrant and refugee groups, identified specific barriers to engaging this population, provided an overview of some of the benefits and entitlements as they relate to the CAPC woman, and developed strategies to provide appropriate outreach and support. Participants had an opportunity to discuss immigration trends in their communities and explored some of the cultural aspects of providing services to immigrant groups.

Basic Trauma Training

Friday, September 24, 2010
Location: CAI, New York

This one-day training gave outreach workers an overview of trauma, defined trauma-informed services, explored ways to build trust and engage the most vulnerable women, and fit this into the outreach model. This training is a required program for all outreach workers and supervisors.

Audience: Outreach workers and supervisors who completed the Enhanced Outreach Worker Training (CAPC CORE and/or Developing New Skills: Enhanced Outreach Training)

Enhanced Outreach Worker Training

Core I: October 12-13, 2010
Core II: November 17-18, 2010
Location: CAI, New York

This four-day training provided outreach workers with skills to increase their effectiveness in conducting outreach using the CAPC model. Participants engaged in a wide array of activities improving their ability to navigate a client through case management and pre-natal care. The training focused on the following areas:

  • Enhanced Outreach Model
  • Key Outreach Messages
  • Stages of Outreach
  • Creating an Approach for Multiple Encounters
  • Behavior Change
  • Motivational Interviewing

Audience: Newly recruited outreach workers who have never attended the CAPC Enhanced Outreach Worker training

Enhanced Outreach to Women Substance Users

November 9, 2010
Location: Brooklyn Prenatal Care Consortium (BPCC), New York

This training familiarized outreach workers with the needs of individuals who have substance use issues. It covered the basics of engagement and factors to consider before approaching the client. It also examined the importance of attitude and values when confronted with a person using substances.

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