Curriculum Development

CAI has broad and deep expertise in curriculum development, including instructional manuals, training materials and in-person and web-based learning technologies. Our curriculum development staff translates research into practice, employing user-friendly approaches that enhance the educational impact of each project.

To develop a curriculum, CAI undertakes a thorough needs assessment process, reviewing available literature and research, and identifying the capacity-building needs of stakeholders, including trainers, training participants, funders and the target population. Once we have a thorough understanding of the environment, CAI uses adult learning techniques to design a tailored curriculum that educates, builds skills and acquaints trainees with key resources, such as on-site references for help in problem-solving and how-to guides on implementing new skills. All trainings are piloted and evaluated, and CAI uses lessons learned to inform development of other curricula.

For information about custom curriculum design, contact: