Our Philosophy

CAI's seven guiding principles reflect our unique, mission-driven services, and a culture that nurtures our passionate staff. Together we share a commitment to fostering a world where every person has an equal opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.


Our mission means challenging the status quo and creating a change for the better for the underserved. It means helping to foster a world that values human rights and recognizes the dignity of every human being.


We create and deliver services that value the expertise, commitment and knowledge of all concerned. Our process delivers high-quality services that are empathetic, empowering and always evolving.


Our planning process creates a strategic vision and an implementation plan simultaneously because we know a strategy is only effective when it's used. We utilize evidence-based practices, proven adult learning principles and data collection and analysis to inform our work.


The hallmark of our work is inclusivity and collaboration. Our experience shows us this approach deliversmore relevant and sustainable outcomes and helps deliver better health outcomes for those we serve.


The passion and commitment of our staff drive us to innovate, to take on new challenges, and to go above and beyond for our clients. We strive to be leaders in collaboration and leaders in our field.


Our reputation is built on excellence and on exceeding expectations in all our relationships and projects. This reflects the integrity of our commitment and our progressive, cutting-edge approach to delivering services.