Quality Improvement

Organizations and institutions are searching for ways to improve the quality, performance, and impact of their programs. So how do organizations and institutions begin to improve these areas? One answer is through the use of continuous quality improvement (CQI). CQI is an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, performance, and outcomes of services and systems with the goal of improving the health of communities. It is a systematic data guided activity designed to bring about immediate improvement in health care delivery and is based on the principle that there is an opportunity for improvement in every process on every occasion.

CAI’s approach to CQI is grounded in the knowledge that, when observed outcomes are less than optimal, well over 90% of the outcome can be attributed to ineffective utilization of resources, processes or strategies not ineffective people. Therefore, the primary work of improvement is to re-align existing resources, processes, and strategies to achieve better outcomes.

CAI prepares the workforce to employ the principals and tools of CQI as a foundation for creating and managing organizational structures that have the capacity to realize sustainable and long-term outcomes for the health and well being of the individuals and communities they serve. Using these tools, we partner with our clients to examine and analyze organizational systems, processes, strategies, and outcomes to develop and implement a set of improvement strategies that increase accessibility, acceptance, appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of care while promoting equity, reducing cost and improving client outcomes simultaneously.

CAI’s services include building the capacity of organizations to design and implement performance management and measurement systems that can be used as a tool to assess progress in achieving goals in real-time, inform decision making about resource allocation, intervention design and to improve performance in a reliable, replicable and documented way.

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