Focus on the Future FOF

Focus on the Future

There continues to be an overwhelming need, globally, for effective, inexpensive, and uncomplicated HIV prevention interventions. In particular, there is an incredible need for evidence-based interventions that improve the correct and consistent use of condoms, which, despite being in existence for over 400 years and commercially available since 1920, continue to pose a challenge for men and women throughout the world.

CAI is pleased to have completed a two-year CDC-funded Replicating Effective Programs (REP) project to translate, pilot and package, the evidence-based intervention, Focus on the Future (FOF), into an Implementation Package to support the replication of FOF throughout the US and internationally. FOF was developed by Dr. Richard Crosby in 2004 as a brief single-session, clinic-based intervention for use with African-American men ages 18-29 who have sex with women. FOF has been rigorously evaluated, and been shown to effectively increase correct and consistent condom use, as well as reduce STD acquisition among the target population. FOF uses trained Peer Health Advisors to deliver the intervention, making it a low-resource EBI that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. FOF can also be adapted for use in different settings and different target populations.

CAI is preparing to work with agencies, health departments, and governments to implement FOF throughout the US and internationally. Please take a moment to review our Introduction to Focus on the Future, The Original Research, and a Two-Page FOF Fact Sheet. If you are interested in adopting FOF, please contact the project director for further details.


Focus on the Future Project News and Updates

CAI successfully facilitated the development, delivery and piloting of Focus on the Future (FOF), a single session evidence-based behavioral intervention for African American men ages 18-29 who have sex with women (MSW).The pilot program, complete with training curriculum and implementation materials, ran in four STD clinics across the country located in New York City, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Fulton County, GA, and Montgomery, AL. The Focus on the Future program has been shown to decrease subsequent STD acquisition and reported number of sexual partners in addition to an increase in reported condom use among the target demographic. CAI staff provided on-site and remote technical assistance to Peer Health Advisors (PHA) who, the case study agency process confirmed, were able to implement FOF with fidelity. On average each PHA served four clients per day and helped clients increase their information, motivation and skills to address condom use barriers. A CDC Prevention Research Branch-Replicating Effective Programs grantee, FOF proves to be an effective, low cost intervention to reduce STD/HIV health disparities among African American MSW in STD clinics.