For Health Care Providers

Teen birth rates in the United States have declined to the lowest rates seen in seven decades, yet still rank highest among developed countries. Contributing to this decline are increases in the proportion of teens who have never had sex, combined with increases in contraceptive use among sexually active teens. For more information about recent declines in teen pregnancy in the United States, click here

CAI is supporting a diverse group of over 60 community-based health care providers in 11 communities throughout the nation to build on our nation's success by ensuring that sexually active adolescents have access to hormonal contraception and IUDs every time they visit a health provider. We hope that you will join us in addressing this national priority. Here's how you can make a difference:

Health Care Providers – The Only Source 

Health care providers are the only resource in the community that can provide access to the most effective methods of birth control for sexually active adolescents. Therefore, they play a special and vital role in further reducing teen pregnancy rates by taking steps to ensure that adolescents have access to contraceptive and reproductive health care whenever they present for care.

"No-Missed Opportunity"

Adolescents infrequently utilize preventive care services and more often present for non-preventive (urgent or sick care) visits. There has been a growing call among adolescent, pediatric and family practice medical professionals to ensure that "all visits by an adolescent be viewed as an opportunity to provide preventive care services, and systems should be set up to make that possible, even in busy practices with short encounters with a clinician."

For More Information 

Health care providers can get more information about promoting and supporting the contraceptive and sexual health of adolescents in their practices by clicking here.