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Tobacco Control Training Project

CAI served as the tobacco control training center for New York State for ten years, delivering customized trainings to contractors of the New York State Bureau of Tobacco Control. In a state where more than 28,000 adults die every year as a result of smoking, CAI trainings helped New York reach its goal of reducing the prevalence of cigarette use among adults and adolescents who smoked in the past month. CAI also provided training and technical assistance to other state funded programs and inter-departments working on tobacco control.

The Tobacco Control Training Project (TCTP) educated health professionals on population-based health interventions and how to engage state and community stakeholders in supporting local and statewide tobacco control initiatives. These TCTP initiatives supported changes in policy and practices, and lead to social norm change. CAI trainings helped health professionals understand how a population-based approach is an effective public health strategy and how to utilize it to impact entire populations. As a result, health professionals were able to work with decision makers, influencers and action-oriented groups to implement policies and practices to promote cessation, decrease the social acceptability of tobacco use, and prevent initiation of tobacco use among youth and young adults. Health professionals also learned community mobilization skills to strengthen tobacco-related policies, such as restrictions on the availability or promotion of tobacco products and limits on opportunities for exposure to second-hand smoke.

For more information about CAI's extensive experience in tobacco control and chronic disease prevention, please contact the Project Director.