About the Materials

The "No Wrong Doors, No Missed Opportunities" brochures are 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches.
Contents include 5 double-sided inserts, highlighting the evidence-base and research available to guide our work in ensuring the contraceptive and reproductive health of adolescents are addressed, including:

• Guidance for making adolescent health and wellness, including sexual health, MISSION CRITICAL at your organization.
• The research and evidence-base available highlighting that teen pregnancy is a WINNABLE BATTLE
• The evidence-base for establishing systems to ensure that adolescents are LINKED to "Teen Friendly" contraceptive and reproductive health care
• Nationally recognized CLINICAL RECOMMENDATIONS for addressing the sexual health of adolescents in the health care delivery setting to facilitate "easy access" to care.
• The role that HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS play in implementing a "No Wrong Doors, No Missed Opportunities" approach, where all visits by an adolescent are viewed as an opportunity to provide preventative health care and services, including contraceptive and reproductive health care. To order these materials today, click here.