cancer prevention  control conference

Conference Overview

This meeting promoted the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (Plan) and support local and statewide efforts to implement priority areas of the Plan throughout New York.

The meeting served as a forum to engage and support NYS cancer prevention and control stakeholders and Consortium members to act on and implement cancer prevention and control strategies within the Plan by providing information and skills necessary to work within their chosen community settings.

Pre-Conference Event

On September 18, 2013, a program was held at the American Cancer Society HopeClub to discuss palliative care issues. Rebecca Kirch, JD, Director, Quality of Life & Survivorship for the American Cancer Society, Inc. (ACS) presented on the Federal Legislative agenda on palliative care that ACS and ACS-Cancer Action Network are pursuing and provided an overview of ACS/ACS-CAN Quality of Life Initiatives.


After the meeting participants are able to:

  • Learn about new and ongoing cancer initiatives in NYS.
  • List the six priority areas of the 2012-2017 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.
  • Identify actionable evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies that can be applied in a community setting to address one or more Plan priority areas.
  • Learn skills to plan and implement cancer prevention or control strategies in your own community/organization.
  • Learn skills and identify resources needed for successful community collaborations to implement cancer control strategies.
  • Identify five organizations and/or other professionals to work with in order to develop and implement cancer control strategies within your own community/organization.