Avon Parity Project

CAI worked in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Avon Foundation to investigate the links between parity (pregnancy) and risk of breast cancer. CAI was involved in the following aims of the project:

Aim I: To review and summarize the recent research on the links between parity and the risk of breast cancer

In collaboration with MGH, CAI undertook a systematic review of the world research on parity and its relation to breast cancer risk. Through this review, MGH and CAI summarized key findings in clinical, pre-clinical, and epidemiologic research, as well as areas where additional research was needed.

Aim II: To review and summarize the key findings of Avon-funded research on parity and/or lactation-induced breast cancer risk
Since 2006, the Avon Foundation has provided $11.8M of funding towards 30 projects studying parity or lactation-induced changes in breast cancer risk. CAI collaborated with MGH and the Avon Foundation to review and summarize these projects, including possibly performing meta-analyses.

For more information on this project, please contact: Kathryn Gates-Ferris