vermont health promotion training center

Vermont Department of Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Training Center

CAI's Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Training Center delivered customized trainings to local stakeholders on implementing community-based chronic disease prevention strategies. These strategies addressed tobacco usage, healthy eating, physical activity, and alcohol intake. The varied work conducted by the Training Center helped the State achieve Healthy Vermonter 2020 Goals for Tobacco Prevention and Control, Physical Activity and Nutrition, and Alcohol Abuse Prevention. 

Through the Training Center, CAI provided evidence-based on-site and web-based training programs that build the capacity of community and youth coalitions, Offices of Local Health (OLH) staff, Vermont Blueprint for Health staff, and tobacco treatment specialists to:

• Reduce prevalence of cigarette smoking to 12% in adults and 10% in youth by 2020.
• Reduce proportion of nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke to 30% by 2020.
• Establish smoke-free outdoor air environments in public places and worksites.
• Maintain low prevalence of other tobacco product use.
• Increase the proportion of Vermonters of low socioeconomic status who meet the following guidelines: 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week; 2 daily servings of fruit; 3 daily servings of vegetables.
• Increase the number of places in Vermont communities where people can be physically active and access healthy food.

CAI's Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Training Center educated coalitions, OLH staff, and other community partners on how to engage stakeholders in supporting local and statewide population-based health initiatives that lead to social norm change. As a result, both community coalitions and OLH staff acquired the capacity to successfully interact with decision makers, influencers and action-oriented groups to educate around policies and practices that promote tobacco control, alcohol abuse prevention, improved nutrition and increased physical activity.