Conference Agenda and Materials


7:30am-8:30am    Registration and Poster Set-Up and Networking

8:30am-12:00pm  Welcome from the Office of Population Affairs & DHHS
                          Keynote Address
                          ACA Plenary

  1. Office of Population Affairs Title X Update
    - Susan Moskosky, MS, RNC
  2. (Title X) Family Planing - More Important Than Ever
    - Ellen Clayton, MD, JD
  3. Family Planning and the ACA: State of the States
    - Rachel Benson Gold
  4. The Health Insurance Marketplace Navigators and other Assisters
    - John Hammarlund, CMS
  5. Making Insurance Enrollment Work for You
    - Alice Berger

12:00pm-1:30pm  LUNCH (on your own)

1:30pm- 5:00pm   Afternoon Plenary cont.

  1. Sustainability Through Diversified Revenue Streams
    - R. Todd Welter, MS, CPC
  2. Securing Linkages to Primary Care
    - Winston Wong, MD

5:00pm-6:00pm    Poster Presentations and NFPRHA Reception


8:00am-8:30am     Poster Presentations

8:30am-12:15pm   PLENARY

  1. Introduction to the Title X Guidelines
  2. Update on National Data Sets
    - Jennifer Frost
  3. Family Planning and Reproductive Health Data
    - Gladys Martinez, PhD
  4. Title X Guidelines Revision
    - Nancy Mautone-Smith, MSW, LCSW
  5. U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use
    - Tara Cleary, MD, MPH
  6. Removing Unnecessary Barriers to Contraceptive Services
    - Michael Policar, MD, MPH

12:15pm-1:45pm   LUNCH (on your own)

1:45pm-3:00pm     Breakout Sessions

Track 1- Client Services

Changes In Pregnancy Intentions
Impact of a Revised Appointment Scheduling Script

Male Reproductive Health Project
Provider Perspectives on Contraception for Adolescents

Track 2- LARCs

Patterns of Method Switching and Continuation
Get It & Forget It: The IUD
Increasing LARC Uptake
The Title X LARC Initiative

Track 3- STIs & HIV

Who Are These Guys Anyway?
Hormonal Contraceptive Use
Increasing Chlamydia Screening In Women 25 and Younger
Increasing Retesting for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

Track 4- SDI Research

Development of an iPad waiting room “app”
A Computerized Tool to Improve Family Planning Counseling
Systematic Screening
Same-Day Access to Highly Effective Reversible Contraception

Track 5- NSFG-related Research

Contraceptive Needs and Services
U.S. Women’s Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Services
The Health of Women Who Receive Title X-Supported Family Planning Services
Use of Family Planning Services

Track 6- ACA

Using Health Information Technology
Connecticut Family Planning Expansion
Next Steps in Primary Care Partnering
Affordable Care Act

3:00pm-3:30pm    Break

3:30pm-5:30pm    PLENARY

  1. Importance of Reproductive Life Planning and Preconception Care
    - Michael Lu, MD, MPH
  2. The Role of STD Clinical Preventive Services
    - Gail Bolan, MD, July 2013
  3. NTCs & Training NA Summary
  4. Guidelines Summary

5:30pm-6:00pm    Poster Presentations


8:00am-8:30am   Poster Presentations and Networking

8:30am-1:00pm   PLENARY

  1. Providing Feedback to Providers
    - Michael Policar, MD, MPH
  2. Quality in Family Planning Services
  3. Program Monitoring for Quality Improvment
    - Susan Moskosky, MS, RNC
  4. 2012 Family Planning Annual Report
    - Christina Fowler, PhD
  5. The Future of FPAR
    - Christina LaChance, MPH
  6. Understanding Confidentiality in a Changing Health Care Environment
    - Abigail English, JD
  7. Closing Keynote

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