CAI and Avon Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP) Honor National Cancer Prevention Month by Saving Thousands of Lives

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Program Successfully Navigates 1.2 Million Women into Screening Services, Educates Over 11 Million

(New York, NY) Every three minutes, a new diagnosis of breast cancer is made somewhere in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) early detection, in the form of mammography screening, is the only method that has proved effective, improving breast cancer outcome and survival.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and since 2000, CAI has proudly worked on the prevention front, helping to save thousands of women's lives by managing the Avon Foundation for Women's Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP). Avon BHOP's mission is to link medically underserved women to breast health education and screening services. Low-income, under-insured, and other marginalized populations often need targeted, customized approaches to help them obtain regular mammograms and clinical breast exams.

In 2013, BHOP funded 101 community outreach and breast cancer screening programs nationwide, which target underserved populations with a low-rate of mammography and breast examinations.

"We've been privileged to manage grantmaking and provide capacity building support for Avon's BHOP," said CAI's President and Founder, Barbara Cicatelli. "Since 2000, through CAI, BHOP has awarded nearly $65 million in competitive grants to 250 community-based agencies throughout the U.S."

CAI administers a rigorous application and independent review process to select grant recipients, who in turn have made a major impact on the lives of underserved women across the United States who are in need of breast cancer screening services. Through 2013, Avon BHOP grantees had facilitated more than 1.2 million mammograms and breast examinations and educated over 11 million people on breast cancer awareness. Avon BHOP is funded by the Avon Foundation for Women.

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