The Research & Evaluation Department Celebrates New Publications

CAI's Research and Evaluation division continues to build the organization's presence in the field of health research. These include publications in highly ranked journals like the Journal for Healthcare Quality, Journal of Adolescent Health, and Contraception.

CAI 2014 Publications

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CAI 2013 Publications

Hallum-Montes R, Middleton D, Avellino L. (forthcoming). Leveraging Healthcare delivery system leadership to improve adolescent reproductive health outcomes: lessons learned (so far) from the CDC/OAH teen pregnancy prevention initiative. Journal: Contraception.

Hallum-Montes R, Senter L, D’Souza R, Gates-Ferris K, Hurlbert M, Anastario M. (2013). Improving Completion Rates for Client Intake Forms through Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI): Results from a pilot study with the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program. Journal for Healthcare Quality.

Hallum-Montes R, Middleton D, Avellino L, D’Souza R. (2013). Using data to improve adolescent access to quality sexual health services: strategies and lessons learned from the CDC/OAH community-wide Initiative to prevent teen pregnancy. Journal of Adolescent Health 52: S47.

Anastario M, Hallum-Montes R, Chun H. (forthcoming) Toward a social theory of sexual risk behavior among men in the armed services: understanding the military occupational habitus. Journal: Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry.