As part of our work in a variety of public health arenas, CAI creates and produces publications, toolkits and materials intended to support our trainings and technical assistance. These resources provide valuable, insightful information to help advance the work of public health practitioners nationally and internationally.

US Publications

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Why Policy?                                            Why Policy?                                               No Wrong Doors No Missed Opportunities
Building Healthy Communities Combating Chronic Disease Teen Pregnancy Prevention Materials
through Population-Based Strategies through Population-Based Strategies  


cba icon reference guide          selecting interventions and strategies                         understaning the target population wkbk


High-Impact HIV Prevention Resource        Selecting Interventions                              Understanding the Target
and Reference Guide and Strategies Guide Population Workbook


planning and preparing for implementation                         getting to know your target population                         social networks for hiv testing and services                        


Planning and Preparing                             Getting to Know your Target                        Social Networks for HIV Testing &
for Implementation Population Services


enhanced outreach                         motivational interviewing                         harm reduction


Enhanced Outreach                                   Motivational Interviewing                          Harm Reduction
Guide (MI)  


early alert-rapid response                         partnership for health                         focus on the future


Early Alert/Rapid Response:                       Partnership for                                         Focus on the Future
Responding to Red Flags Health  


patient navigation


Patient Navigation    


International Publications
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