Supporting Healthcare Organizations Implement High-Impact HIV Prevention Nationwide

Supported by a five year cooperative agreement with the CDC, the High-Impact HIV Prevention Capacity Building Assistance for Healthcare Organizations (CBA) project provided training and technical assistance to Health Care Organizations (HCOs), including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), hospitals, and private practitioners to implement High Impact Prevention (HIP) strategies to reduce HIV infections and related morbidity, mortality and health disparities across the US and its territories. The CBA project offered a wide variety of practical, data-driven strategies for health care organizations and staff in clinical settings, focused on increasing early detection, linkage and retention in care, and treatment for those living with HIV.

These CBA services built capacity and supported the implementation of sustainable, data-driven systems designed to help healthcare organizations efficiently and effectively implement CDC’s High-Impact HIV Prevention strategies to decrease new infection rates by 25% nationwide. Through the CBA project, which ended in March 2019, CAI staff provided 149 technical assistance and training sessions, sponsored 9 learning collaboratives and created 72 educational products such as information sheets, info-graphics and implementation tools for the HIV prevention workforce.