tri-border hiv prevention project  brazil argentina  paraguay

Project Overview

CAI received funding from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to undertake a project focused on the prevention of HIV/AIDS among drug users and users of other substances in the cities that are located at the Tri-Border of South America (the Southern Cone): Paraná, Brazil; Misiones, Argentina; and Alto Paraná, Paraguay.

CAI worked with local NGOs and their staff in the cities selected, helping to improve their services in order for them to promote policy changes regarding HIV prevention and treatment. In addition to capacity-building services, implementation of evidenced-based strategies, and strategic initiatives to work more effectively with substance abusers, CAI has advocated with local governments to implement stronger public service delivery of health services and created tools and processes for better navigation into services within the three countries.

In addition to HIV prevention, the project identified a group of leaders within the drug user community and engaged them as peers to work as part of the team assessing and developing a plan to address the needs of the drug using community for HIV prevention and harm reduction.