Serving Priority Populations Performance Management Trainings

Since its establishment in 1970, the Title X Family Planning program has made great strides to provide high-quality family planning services to its target population of low-income and uninsured women, men, and adolescents. Today, the continued need for Title X services is reflected in the disproportionately high rates of unintended pregnancy among low-income and racial/ethnic minority populations, as well as teens and young adults aged 20-24. In New York State, the proportion and number of clients served from populations at greatest risk of negative reproductive health outcomes have declined in recent years, presenting an opportunity for family planning providers to consider both the changing demographics in their catchment areas and shifts in the overall healthcare landscape, and to re-examine their strategies for targeting and bringing the most at-risk populations into care.

As part of the next phase of its highly successful Performance Management Initiative, the New York State Center of Excellence for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services hosted a series of trainings, Serving Priority Populations. This initiative seeked to build the capacity of family planning providers to use the principles of performance management to identify the women, men, and adolescents most in need of family planning services, and bring them into care.

These were mandatory trainings, with three individuals from each agency with decision-making responsibility in each of the following areas required to attend:

– Communications
– Patient Services
– Outreach Activities (Oversight)

As a result of this training, participants were be able to:

  • Develop a stronger understanding of the mission of the Title X Family Planning program, as it relates to serving priority populations
  • Analyze their agency's data to assess its ability to serve the most vulnerable women, men, and teens
  • Examine myths and facts as they relate to program operations
  • Describe the key elements related to outreach, education, and community engagement
  • Develop an action plan that draws on the principles of performance management to improve client access

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