Contraceptive Counseling Training

This one-day cluster training trained family planning agency staff in evidence-informed contraceptive counseling strategies, with a focus on adolescents and young adults--age groups with the highest rates of unintended pregnancy in New York State. It incorporated the core concepts of stages of change and motivational interviewing, as well as strategies for promoting culturally competent and client-centered care. To develop this training, the NYS COE and CAI have drawn on available research related to why adolescents and young adults who do not want to be pregnant choose not to use contraception, even though they are at risk for pregnancy. Factors contributing to the decision not to use contraception include: ambivalence, coercion, partner influence, widely held myths about contraception, and attitudes of fatalism.

This training, which is intended to build participants' capacity to provide effective contraceptive counseling to clients, was designed for clinicians, educators, and others who provide contraceptive counseling to clients.

Learning Objectives
As a result of this training, participants are be able to:

  • Analyze the key components of agency-wide promotion of effective and highly effective contraception
  • Explain how to strategically use Motivational Interviewing to provide effective contraceptive counseling
  • Demonstrate skills in determining pregnancy intentions as a primary component of contraceptive counseling
  • Practice utilizing motivational interviewing skills

Please contact Julia Sheed by phone at (212) 594-7741, ext. 263, for more information about the Contraceptive Counseling training.