CAI and the AIDS Institute Launch Study to Learn Why 34% of New Yorkers Living With HIV/AIDS are Out of Care

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An incredible 34% of New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS are estimated to be out of medical care. In order to significantly lower that unacceptably high rate, CAI, in partnership with the AIDS Institute, is conducting a mixed-method study to learn why this population is not in care. The information gathered will be used to enhance CAI’s Leadership Training Institute’s (LTI) statewide training program, to encourage regular medical intervention for people living with HIV/AIDS (PWHA).

The study is being carried out in two phases. Phase One, recently completed, consisted of focus group discussions, held in July and August, across New York State. The focus groups offered researchers an opportunity to learn about PWHA’s challenges in accessing services and taking advantage of training opportunities. To gain an even broader perspective of PWHA’s challenges and roadblocks to medical care, CAI is today launching Phase Two, a statewide quantitative survey of PWHA. The survey can be completed online through November 1st by any PWHA living in New York State. PWHA who complete the survey will be eligible to win a valuable prize. Print copies of the survey can be obtained by calling (212) 594-7741 x278.

LTI, which is housed at CAI, was the first group initiative in New York State to lead trainings by and for PWHA. LTI has trained over 3,000 PWHA since its launch in 1999 and pairs trainees with a PWHA mentor. An evaluation of LTI graduates compiled between 2009 and 2011 found that 76% believed that their mentor’s support helped mentees cope with their HIV disease while 85% would recommend the LTI mentor program to a friend “that might need to improve his or her HIV health care.”

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