Journal Articles

CAI has a growing reputation in the fields of program evaluation and health research. Our staff has published its research in a number of highly ranked journals that seek to inform the scientific community.

CAI 2014 Publications

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CAI 2013 Publications

Hallum-Montes R, Middleton D, Avellino L. (2013). Leveraging Healthcare delivery system leadership to improve adolescent reproductive health outcomes: lessons learned (so far) from the CDC/OAH teen pregnancy prevention initiative. Journal: Contraception.

Hallum-Montes R, Senter L, D’Souza R, Gates-Ferris K, Hurlbert M, Anastario M. (2013). Improving Completion Rates for Client Intake Forms through Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI): Results from a pilot study with the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program. Journal for Healthcare Quality

Hallum-Montes R, Middleton D, Avellino L, D’Souza R. (2013). Using data to improve adolescent access to quality sexual health services: strategies and lessons learned from the CDC/OAH community-wide Initiative to prevent teen pregnancy. Journal of Adolescent Health 52: S47.

Anastario M, Hallum-Montes R, Chun H. (forthcoming) Toward a social theory of sexual risk behavior among men in the armed services: understanding the military occupational habitus. Journal: Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry.