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Quality for Teens Action Plan

The Excel document provides your improvement team with space to track your selected improvement goals and change strategies, action items, and measurement goals selected from the QI Package.

Using this tool in conjunction with the QI package, your team will select an improvement goal (or goals) and go to the associated tab in this resource to develop your action plan. The last tab in this action plan provides guidance about who to include in your improvement team, space to track team members, and key questions that will help you develop your timeline.

This action plan is intended to be a living document that improvement team members can update in real time. It is intended to be used with Quality for Teens: A Quality Improvement Package for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (to be published in late 2023).


Quality & Access for Reproductive Health Equity (QARE) for Teens Project 


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Quality for Teens Action Plan (72 KB Excel)