Circle of Harmony Conference: Free resources for attendees

Thank you for your interest in CAI’s work, including the CDC National HIV Classroom Learning Center!

CAI is a non-profit organization that works at the local, state, national, and international levels to help organizations improve health care and social services for marginalized communities. CAI administers the National HIV Classroom Learning Center (NHCLC).

The NHCLC is one of several CAI projects that support jurisdictions, organizations, and individuals working to end the HIV epidemic, helping to strengthen all aspects of their HIV services, including prevention, screening, and treatment. Other current CAI projects include:

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Free NHCLC trainings

The NHCLC offers free HIV trainings on behalf of CDC to health departments, community organizations, and partnering agencies on topics including HIV testing in nonclinical settings, cultural humility, serving transgender populations, motivational interviewing, and social network strategies.

Request a free training

CDC’s directly funded health department and CBO partners may request delivery of a CDC-supported training by submitting a request in the CBA Tracking System (CTS).

If your organization is not directly funded by CDC, contact your local health department for assistance in submitting a training request through the CBA Tracking System (CTS).


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