What We Do

CAI helps organizations strengthen their capacity to provide high-quality services. We do this by providing training, technical assistance, research, and other support to agencies that provide health care and social services.

We help improve health care and social services for marginalized people

We bring deep experience in the most pressing issues facing communities, including HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, mental health, substance use disorders, and more—and we also bring expertise in practical strategies for improving services, including training, curriculum development, community engagement, and data.

We work at local, state, national, and international levels, and we tailor our approach based on our clients’ unique circumstances. All of our work is grounded in our mission of improving health equity and rooted in our expertise in adult education.


We bring a unique combination of expertise in issues and strategies for improving services. Our culture and values as an organization guide all of our work. We embrace diversity as a strength and foster inclusion at all levels, we respect all participants and voices, and we recognize the strengths and knowledge our clients bring.