Materials Development

Creating tools that organizations can use independently or through other programs

CAI creates materials that help organizations’ staff understand key issues and principles and integrate them into their work. Our team develops materials based on research, experience, and new developments in the field, and we customize them to ensure that they are relevant for participants. Many of the materials we produce are self-instructional and supplement training and technical assistance programs.

Materials development services provided by CAI include:

  • Implementation manuals
  • Tool kits on topics including finance, counseling, and education
  • Materials for supervisors and managers
  • Materials for people working in specific fields
  • Videos (with both live actors and animation) to demonstrate interventions, promote initiatives, or highlight key skills
  • Job aids and “infobriefs” with practical guidance to help organizations’ staff in their day-to-day work
  • Materials to support maximizing third-party reimbursement for providing services
  • Educational materials for clients, on topics such as re-entry after release from prison, substance use relapse prevention, medical issues, and more