Building skills for on-the-job utilization and improvement

CAI provides training at all levels to help staff increase their skills and effectiveness. Our trainings are tailored to meet agencies’ goals and tap into participants’ strengths, and they are based on the principles of how adults learn most effectively. Our sessions use small groups, case studies, role play, simulations, group discussions, brainstorming, and critical thinking. After trainings, we help participants put skills into practice by providing follow-up technical assistance to give participants further coaching to apply new skills.

Training services provided by CAI include:

  • In-person trainings, including training for facilitators and trainers
  • Virtual live trainings that simulate the in-person experience; this includes extensive skills-building practice
  • E-learning modules, both as single sessions and part of larger courses
  • Video role-play learning with specialized software
  • Webinars with presenters or panels