New Jersey Trauma Informed Care Project

Project Overview

To ensure that NJDOH DHSTS funded agencies have the capacity to integrate trauma informed care into their structure, culture, and services.

To assure that all programs are trauma aware and recognize the dynamics and impact of trauma in the lives of individuals, families, and communities; that all programs strive to create a trauma sensitive culture by demonstrating through consumer empowerment, program design, and direct care, an understanding of the relationship between trauma and health outcomes.

Provide capacity building and technical assistance to NJ HIV care and support agencies towards:
1. Implementation of a trauma friendly environment that addresses primary and vicarious trauma
2. Integration of trauma screening and education for all clients
3. Development of trauma related referrals into existing system
4. Acquisition of knowledge and skills to provide psycho-educational services to help clients achieve positive health outcomes

Take 5 Webinar Series

4/6/20 - Taking a Look in Your Toolbox

4/16/20 - De-Escalation Strategies

4/23/20 - Using Helpful Self Talk

04/30/20 - Building Skills to Lead Grounding Exercises

pdficonGrounding Exercises for Clients
pdficonGrounding Exercises for Providers

05/05/20 - Grounding 201 TA Session

05/07/20 - How to Talk to Clients About Substance Use

pdficonHow to Talk About Substance Use with Clients During COVID-19

05/14/20 - How to Talk to Clients About Social Isolation

pdficonHow to Talk to Clients About Social Isolation During Covid-19

05/21/20 - Client Centered Remote Work

pdficonProviding Client Centered Care in a Remote Environment

06/04/20 - Talking to Clients About Grief and Loss

pdficonHow to Talk to Clients about Grief and Loss During Difficult Times

06/11/20 - Working with Trauma During Complex Times

pdficonPreventing and Managing Vicarious Trauma

06/18/20 - Take 5 In Action

pdficonCoping Skills and Strategies Toolbox

07/09/20 - Take 5s In Action

pdficonCoping Skills and Strategies Toolbox

07/16/20 - Talking to Clients About COVID-19

pdficonCDC and NJ DOH Handouts
pdficonHow to Talk to Clients about Covid-19

07/23/20 - Take 5 In Action

pdficonCoping Skills and Strategies Toolbox

07/30/20 - Safer Sex During COVID-19

pdficonTalking to Clients about Safer Sex During Covid-19
pdficonNASTAD, NYC DOH, and OHA Handouts

08/06/20 - Take 5 In Action - Talking About Safer Sex During COVID-19

08/20/20 - The Helper Relationship

09/10/20 - The Trauma Informed Lens

10/01/20 - The Trauma Informed Lens Part II: The Impact of Trauma and Strategies for Working with Clients

11/05/20 - Using a Trauma Informed Approach to Enhance Retention in Care

pdficonTrauma Informed Retention Strategies

1/07/21 - Body-Based Strategies: Quick Interventions to Calm Physical Reactions in Times of Heightened Stress

pdficonBody-Based Strategies – Grounding Exercises

02/04/21 - Substance Use Disorder as a Chronic Condition


03/04/21 - Exploring the Groundbreaking ACE Study

04/08/21 - The Intergenerational Effects of Trauma


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