Tobacco Free Coalition of Erie Niagara Counties

Tobacco Free Outdoors

“There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand NT. FINAL.Smoke Free Park Signage. 1smoke.” US Surgeon General 

It is important for us to not only protect our lungs, but also protect our environment.

Tobacco litter, (butts and packaging), are of the most common form of liter. Tobacco litter is poisonous and puts children, pets, and wildlife at risk. Our playgrounds, parks and beaches should not be used as ash trays. Let us protect outdoor spaces, meant to be enjoyed by our communities, from the dangers of tobacco and combustible products that put people at risk for smoking-related illnesses. Second-hand smoke may lead to a number of different health issues, including but not limited to, cancers and respiratory illnesses. 

Are you ready to adopt and implement Tobacco-Free policy?

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