hrsa data and reporting technical assistance dart project

Activities under this Cooperative Agreement

The DART Team leverages its past experiences and processes used to successfully implement the RyanWhite Services Report (RSR) to provide coordinated data TA for grantees and their funded providers to collect, store, and retrieve client level data for program reporting, evaluation, and quality improvement. The DART Team accomplishes this through several modalities, including: the TARGET Center website, live webcasts, recorded videos, email updates, training and workshops, data quality reports, and individual TA by email and phone. Through these modalities, the DART Team will address three primary TA focus areas, described below.


  • Focus Area #1: ADR. Implementing the new AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Data Report (ADR), including client level data. The ADR, which will eventually replace the current ADAP Quarterly Report (AQR), will enable grantees to report client level data in a system that compiles data on the characteristics of the funded grantees and the clients served by ADAP, which accounts for the largest portion of Part B spending.
  • Focus Area #2: RSR. Ensuring continued high quality data submission by grantees and providers for the Ryan White Services Report (RSR), with special emphasis on addressing the needs of newly funded grantees and low-performers.
  • Focus Area #3: EHR. Leveraging meaningful use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) as the preferred data source for outpatient ambulatory medical care data in order to improve data quality, and streamline data entry, reporting, and quality management.

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