New York State WIC Training

NYS WIC Training Center

In order to support efforts of WIC local agencies to enhance the nutritional and health status of low-income women, infants, and children, CAI uses diverse training and technical assistance methodologies to build statewide capacity. These methodologies include computer-based and classroom training programs, learning modules, learning collaboratives, webinars, retreats, and conferences.

Through CAI's New York State WIC Training Center, we provide a full range of training programs which are targeted to all levels of WIC staff, including front desk/clerical staff, nutritionists, nutrition support staff, site managers/coordinators, and breastfeeding experts. We deliver more than 175 training and technical assistance events annually and maintain a complex computer-based training database.

In addition to building administrative, management, and consumer service skills, CAI provides training to improve education and counseling, including focused programs in participant-centered group facilitation, high-risk counseling, nutritional assessments, and anthropometry. To strengthen breastfeeding promotion and support, CAI provides training in the areas of basic counseling skills, peer counseling, and other specialized topics.

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