Leadership Training Institute

Leadership Training Institute

Since 1999, CAI has overseen New York State’s People Living With HIV/AIDS (PWA) Leadership Training Institute (LTI). Developed through a partnership between the New York State Department of Health/AIDS Institute, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and advocates living with HIV, LTI provides training, skills building, motivation, and education to increase the ability of people living with HIV to partner effectively with HIV health care providers in order to improve their health care utilization and health outcomes. Emphasis is on self-management skills that promote and support entry into and maintenance in care.

LTI trainings build the skills of people living with HIV to communicate and partner with their health care providers. Through LTI, people living with HIV obtain knowledge regarding quality HIV care and antiretroviral treatment, establish and implement individual health care goals, and better manage their health care.

In addition to trainings for people living with HIV, LTI also provides workshops to members of the Ryan White Part A-funded HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York, building the skills of members to participate effectively in the service planning and prioritization process.

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