Research and Evaluation

The Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Department at CAI is a rapidly expanding department that works with multiple projects. The department is divided into two divisions of Research and Evaluation and Monitoring and Evaluation. These two divisions sometimes operate independently and in other cases work together to accomplish project and program goals. For this reason, key staff within the department often work across divisions.

The CAI Research and Evaluation team regularly carries out tailored combinations of program evaluations and research to improve and enhance program development and inform the broader scientific community.

Research and Evaluation at CAI is guided by the principles of "Action Research," or research that aims to have a direct and positive impact on participants' lives. Through this approach, research staff at CAI link theory, research, and practice in the pursuit of practical, evidence-based solutions to issues of pressing concern.

The Research and Evaluation division utilizes quantitative and qualitative methods to examine program outcomes as well as core research questions. We use our findings to inform program development and implementation and to promote scientific debate within the field. The division is led by social and behavioral scientists who regularly publish findings in the form of technical reports and peer reviewed manuscripts. CAI's research and evaluation team is expert in assessing the efficacy of pilot programs, novel interventions and developing an evidence base for further programmatic action.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is the routine tracking of key project information and the assessment, at a specific point in time, of the relationship between a particular intervention and its intended outcomes.

M&E is critical to performance management and program learning for health programs. Likewise, donors place a high importance on the role of M&E within projects, often linking funding disbursement decisions to the achievement of quantitative targets through performance-based funding schemes. Through M&E, CAI helps project implementers demonstrate clear linkages between program interventions, intermediate results and outcomes.

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