Obesity Prevention & Nutrition

CAI is committed to improving the nutrition and health status of people struggling to maintain optimal health status in a resource-limited environment. Americans are experiencing overweight and obesity in epidemic proportions and it is projected to increase to 42% by 2030. Poor nutritional intake is associated with health disparities which include diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and cancer and it is particularly prevalent in low-income and certain ethnic communities. As the New York State WIC Training Center, CAI has worked to address many of the problems associated with over and under nutrition, resulting in improved health outcomes for women and their children. Some of the training and technical support that CAI provides to WIC local agencies include:
• FDA's value enhanced nutrition assessment (VENA) initiative
• breastfeeding counseling and support, including Loving Support©
• nutrition assessment and counseling
• FIT WIC – a physical education initiative
• computer-based intake trainings
• behavior change counseling
• group facilitation skills building
• civil rights and other compliance issues
• customer service and managing the front desk
• performance management and quality assurance
• supervision and leadership
• program data utilization; and
• learning collaborative to enhance performance.

The wide variety of training program provided empower WIC staff to impact the lives of the participants they serve.