CAI Launches School and Community-Based Initiative to Improve the Health of the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Youth

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CAI Receives New CDC Funding Award to Promote Adolescent Health Through Community and School-Based HIV/STD Prevention

(New York, NY) As the nation continues to focus on improving academic outcomes for secondary school youth, the link between health and well being and academic achievement is clear. CAI is proud to be partnering with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health, to promote the health of our nation’s youth by initiating a groundbreaking 5-year, nationwide initiative to promote adolescent health through school and community-based HIV/STD Prevention. As one of the six National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) awarded capacity-building assistance (CBA) grants, CAI will provide CBA to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to enhance access to vital health care services for some of the nation's most vulnerable youth.

Through this award CAI will work with 17 LEAs across the country to enhance and strengthen partnerships and improve linkages with school and community-based health care providers. Selected LEAs serve youth and families most impacted by disparities in rates of STDs and HIV. CAI’s capacity-building services will seek to address these disparities by supporting the implementation of coordinated, and evidence-based strategies to improve the quality and responsiveness of health care services, with a focus on addressing the unique sexual and reproductive health care needs of adolescents. For information about the new initiative, visit our website: