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Denver, CO – CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) is pleased to announce its new role as the Technical Assistance Partner with the Caring for Colorado Foundation (CFC) and The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF) in an innovative initiative to further enhance Colorado’s commitment to supporting universal access to comprehensive, culturally responsive contraceptive services for Coloradans.

Through the Contraceptive Access Change Package, CAI will identify and convene 12 of the state’s most motivated safety net clinics over an 18-month learning collaborative. Through a structured improvement process, CAI will support the clinics in strengthening their service delivery structures to provide client-centered contraceptive care that ensures every patient, at every visit to a healthcare provider, has access to the services they need to plan their families and become parents if and when they are ready.

For nearly 40 years, CAI has been a leader in promoting sexual and reproductive health by strengthening systems and workforce capacity to improve access to, and quality of, services. CAI is a leader in exploring how to apply principles of reproductive justice in the delivery of contraceptive care. We have partnered with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the nation to address disparities in access to quality, patient-centered contraceptive care. By working in partnership with healthcare providers, CAI builds on their unique strengths to make sure that every patient has an opportunity to be provided accurate and unbiased information about their contraceptive options, to select a contraceptive method that aligns with their preferences and priorities, and be provided their method of choice that same day, regardless of ability to pay, should they decide to contracept.

Project Director, Alice Douglas, a Denver native says, “I am so happy to be back in Colorado doing this innovative and important work. This partnership with CFC and TCHF allows us to combine CAI’s nationwide experiences supporting the integration of contraceptive care into primary care settings, with local expertise, previous successes and lessons learned. Through this, we’re taking steps towards ensuring all Coloradans regardless of where they live, who they are, and their circumstances, have better access to the care they want and need, impacting their lives and the lives of future generations.”

Based in the Colorado Office, Project Director, Alice Douglas can be reached at

About Caring for Colorado (CFC): CFC, together with our partners, is committed to addressing the most pressing health needs of vulnerable and underserved populations in Colorado. Since 2001, Caring for Colorado foundation has awarded more than $100 million in grants across all 64 counties in Colorado. For more information please visit:
About The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF): TCHF is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, policy advocacy, learning and capacity building. For more information, please visit: