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Join CAI in Taking the “Stand Against Stigma” Challenge

CAI has joined hundreds of other organizations and individuals who are participating in the Stand Against Stigma campaign launched by the Opioid Response Network in April.

The campaign invites organizations and individuals to make a 21-day commitment to spread the word that substance use disorders are treatable illnesses—not moral failings—and address the opioid and stimulant use disorder crisis through education and evidence-based approaches.

By signing onto the Stand Against Stigma campaign, participants agree to take actions including:

  • Commit to 21 days of daily activity to educate yourself, your organization and your community, and Stand Against Stigma.
  • Choose one resource each day from their resource library, a curated list of articles, videos, podcasts, and publications on topics related to opioid addiction.
  • Share what you learn with others and ask them to join too!

In addition to promoting the Stand Against Stigma challenge, CAI is currently working with the Opioid Response Network on two other projects: The Center for Excellence for Protected Health Information and the Health Privacy Laws Training Project for the State Opioid Response Network.

Stand Against Stigma challenge logos