Program Manager, Community Approaches to Reducing STI’s

CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) is seeking a highly motivated, detail oriented and organized individual for the full-time position of Program Manager for Community Approaches for Reducing STIs (CARS) in Youth and Young Adults. The Program Manager works as part of a senior team, under direction of the CARS Director, to engage and mobilize community members, stakeholders and youth and young adults in the Buffalo community in a community-driven process to identify, implement and evaluate interventions to reduce STI disparities among African American and LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 15-24 in Buffalo that include addressing social determinants of health. This position is based in Buffalo, NY.


General Program Manager Responsibilities:

  • Implement best practice strategies to ensure that community members and stakeholders are continuously involved and that the youth voice from the community is a major driver in accomplishing the initiative activities.
  • Promote integration of CARS initiative into HOPE Buffalo initiative by guiding the formation of and providing oversight for building capacity of Youth and Young Adult Leadership Team and other identified youth and young adult workgroups or sub-committees
  • Mobilize youth and young adult participation in all initiative activities through special events and use of social media
  • Maintain working relationships with community agencies, other stakeholders, and community members, including youth and young adults 

CARS Project Manager Responsibilities:

  • Work in partnership with CARS Project Director, Fellow, and HOPE Buffalo Project Director, to provide day-to-day management and coordination for all activities associated with implementation of Year 1 workplan
  • Coordinate and manage the formation of, and support capacity building activities associated with, the CARS Action Group (CARS AG), comprised of 80% of target community, to plan and implement all initiative activities
  • Coordinate and support facilitation of regular meetings of the CARS AG to ensure initiative objectives are met
  • Provide individual mentoring and motivate continued participation of CARS AG members in between regularly scheduled AG meetings
  • Work with CARS Project Director and HOPE Buffalo Project Director to ensure CARS activities are integrated into HOPE Buffalo leadership team meetings (CAT, CPLT, & YLT), including Anchor Organizational structure
  • Facilitate all communication with CARS AG members including maintenance of CARS-AG contact list, facilitate meeting announcements and registration, and updates to web-page on HOPE Buffalo website
  • Prepare CARS AG meeting materials and record and disseminate notes from CARS-AG meetings
  • Provide support to initiative director in monitoring budget expenditures and funder reporting requirements
  • Ensure adherence to funder, federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations


  • Master’s degree in public health, community engagement, and social work or a related field or equivalent professional experience
  • At least five years of program management experience, including at least one year of supervisory experience
  • Significant knowledge of the Buffalo Community
  • Existing knowledge, or high interest in gaining expertise in, evidence-based and innovative public health strategies to address STI/HIV disparities
  • Ability to establish rapport and work productively and sensitively with diverse stakeholders, community members and partners, including youth
  • Ability to identify and leverage existing resources to support achievement of initiative objectives
  • Has applied knowledge of principles and practices of providing social services to culturally diverse populations, addressing social determinants of health, and community mobilization
  • Has applied knowledge of principles and practices associated with group facilitation, the design and delivery of training and technical assistance
  • Demonstrated capacity to analyze administrative, personnel and organizational problems and identify appropriate solutions
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing for professional and community audiences.
  • Prepare and maintain minutes, reports and records
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Knowledge of various word processing/computer programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and etc.
  • Team-player and self-starter
  • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends


CAI offers a competitive salary with excellent benefits and working conditions. In order to apply to this job please click here.

Cicatelli Associates Inc. / CAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer